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Unsubscribe from Swyftx emails

Swyftx sends two different types of emails: transactional emails and marketing emails.

Transactional emails communicate changes to your account, transactions, or important company updates.

Marketing emails contain information such as new feature launches, market updates, Swyftx Learn content, and more.

While we strive to maintain a balanced communication approach and avoid overwhelming you with emails, it's important to note that we are legally obligated to continue sending transactional emails. However, you can unsubscribe from marketing emails.

How to unsubscribe from marketing emails

To unsubscribe from marketing emails, select Update Preferences at the bottom of your most recent email from Swyftx.

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Troubleshooting when unsubscribing

If Update Preferences does not appear at the bottom of an email you've received from Swyftx, then it is a transactional email and cannot be unsubscribed from.

If a message that says 'Updating your preferences, this won't take long...' appears for an extended period, please refresh your browser and attempt again. The changes have likely already taken effect.

About transactional emails

You cannot unsubscribe from transactional emails. These are purely for important information and notices that we are required to send to you, regardless of your subscription status.

These emails do not contain marketing or advertising content but can include updates such as:

  • Platform: Planned or unplanned maintenance or impacts to deposits and withdrawals.
  • Company-wide: Updates to our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.
  • Assets: Updates to asset availability on the platform and airdrop information.
  • Transactions: Updates on orders such as Auto Invest or trigger orders and wallet addresses involving customer funds.
  • Profile: Confirmation of updates to your profile, such as a password, phone number, or email change.

About marketing emails

Marketing emails contain information on new feature launches, market updates, Swyftx Learn content, and more. For example, marketing emails can include information such as:

  • Platform: New assets, new features, or new countries supported.
  • Promotions: Promotional campaigns and competitions for major calendar events.
  • Crypto news: Market updates, industry news, Swyftx Learn content and new all-time high records.
  • Portfolio updates: Portfolio updates to monitor your trading experience.
  • Research and feedback: Engage in user research surveys to help us build an even better platform.

Email security

Security is a core value at Swyftx. Unfortunately, email phishing scams are common, particularly in the crypto space.

Be careful to avoid clicking links in emails that may appear to be from Swyftx but are not. Check the sender's address and ensure it matches previous emails you've received from us.

For more information, visit our support articles:

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