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Trade page and charts

The trade page on our web platform allows you to select between more complex TradingView charts or more straightforward Simple charts, depending on how technical you want to get.

Without leaving the trade page, along with monitoring the performance of your favourite assets, you can:

  • Place orders in the order panel
  • View the assets you hold from the Wallets tab
  • Check your Open orders and Order history
  • Deposit funds

To find the trade page on our web platform, expand the left-side menu and select trade new.svg Trade. From here, toggle between TradingView and Simple in the top right corner of the chart.

You can also hide or expand the lower panel showing Wallets, Open orders, and Order history by selecting the down arrow.svg down arrow or up arrow.svg up arrow next to Deposit in the lower left corner of the chart.

Hover over the Bid price and Ask price toggle to quickly check whether you're looking at the buy or sell prices. Read more at Viewing the bid and ask price charts.

TradingView charts

Explore the toolbar along the left side of the chart to add trendlines and patterns, use the forecasting and measurement tools, and more. Within the top toolbar along the top of the chart, customise candles, indicators, overlays, and explore chart settings by selecting the setting.svg cog icon.

Swyftx TradingView charts.png

Simple charts

From the toolbar above the chart, you can select your display and add overlays. In Simple charts, we provide a simple and straightforward look at asset performance.

Simple charts for articke.png

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