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Set take profit and stop loss orders

Set automated trades to help reach your profit goals or to help minimise your losses using take profit and stop loss on trigger orders.

Take profit trigger orders help you to reach your target profit by selling your holdings when the price goes up. An instant take profit order will automatically trigger if the price increases to your set conditions.

Stop loss trigger orders help to minimise your potential losses by selling your holdings when the price goes down. An instant stop loss order will automatically trigger if the price decreases to your set conditions.

This feature is unavailable for assets with a low liquidity or limited functionality warning. Alternatively, we offer standard On trigger orders directly from the order panel on both app and web.

Trigger orders execute as instant orders when trigger conditions are met. Execution prices cannot be guaranteed as they are subject to slippage, pending market liquidity and volatility.

There are no fees charged for cancelled on trigger orders, only orders that have been successfully completed.

Explore this feature in Demo mode to learn more about managing your portfolio!

How to set a take profit or stop loss on trigger order

  1. Place a buy order equivalent to $5 or more of your base currency.
  2. Once you place the buy order, select Set Take Profit / Stop Loss order from the bottom of the order panel.
  3. Select your desired order type: a take profit order or a stop loss order.
  4. Specify a dollar amount ($) or percentage (%) target to set when your order will be triggered. Alternatively, set a price target to trigger your order.
  5. Review your estimated profit or loss, then select Set trigger order or Place trigger order to complete the action.
  6. You can edit or delete open trigger orders from your new clock web transactions.svg Transactions.

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