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Missing crypto deposit

If you’ve sent crypto to Swyftx, but it hasn’t arrived, we can help to understand what’s happened and where your crypto deposit may be.

In most cases, our Customer Support team can help you with the recovery of lost crypto assets.

There are a number of reasons why crypto deposits may be delayed or not arrive, including:

  • Missing memo or destination tag: A memo or destination tag was required but it wasn't added during the transaction.
  • Incorrect address or network: Crypto was sent to the wrong address.
  • Unsupported tokens: Deposited tokens that Swyftx does not support.
  • NFT sent to Swyftx: An NFT was mistakenly sent to Swyftx.

The details required to investigate your missing crypto deposit will vary depending on the specifics of the deposit, as will the timeframes for each recovery.

Recovery may not be possible in certain instances.


How to request an asset recovery

Crypto deposits can take up to 1 hour to arrive in your Swyftx account. Please wait 1 hour for your crypto deposit to arrive before requesting an asset recovery.

  1. Record the Transaction ID of the withdrawal from the external platform to help with our investigation.
  2. Contact our customer support team via live chat.
  3. We’ll request some information from you, and you can expect a follow-up from our team within 3 business days.

What happens next

Once received, we will assess your request and let you know the potential costs associated with the recovery and a timeframe.

As outlined in our Terms of Use, the costs of Crypto Asset Recovery are varied, where they are possible, and depend on the nature of the specific transfer, as well as whether third-party wallet handlers need to be involved.

If you agree to the costs, you’ll have to make the fee available in your Swyftx account. The currency of the fee will depend on which asset is being recovered. If you don't agree to the costs or don't have the funds available, we won’t proceed with the recovery.

You can check the status of the recovery by returning to the live chat conversation.


Fees for asset recoveries

  • We cannot guarantee a successful recovery, but if a recovery is successful, it will incur a recovery fee. We do not charge the fee if recovery is not possible.
  • The wallet provider sets and collects the recovery fee based on the complexity and challenges of completing the recovery.
  • Sometimes, the fee may be more than the value of the missing crypto deposit. We will always ensure you approve of the fee before proceeding with the recovery.
  • Swyftx will hold the fee during the recovery process and collect it once it is complete. If the recovery is unsuccessful, we’ll return the fee to your account balance.

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