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Provide feedback

We genuinely welcome and value all customer input and use it to continually improve your Swyftx experience.

We aim to make sharing your thoughts easy through our app or web platform, where you can report a bug, request a feature or asset listing, or provide feedback.

If you need immediate assistance with your Swyftx account, please reach out to our customer support team via live chat.

How to provide feedback

  • App

    1. Expand the side menu and select support centre new.svg Support & feedback.
    2. You can then select from the following options:
      support centre new.svg Support center
      live chat new.svg Live chat
      request feature.svg Request a feature
      listing new.svg Request new listing
      bug new.svg Report an issue
      provide feedback new.svg Provide feedback
      swyftx bird.svg Provide feedback on brand
  • Web

    1. In the top-right corner, select the question mark icon support centre new.svg, then select Provide Feedback.
    2. You can then choose between What's new, Live chat, Swyftx Support centre, Swyftx Learn, Provide feedback, and Provide feedback for brand.

What happens after I provide feedback?

When you provide feedback, report a bug or request a feature or new asset listing, we take several steps to evaluate it.

First, we analyse the feedback to understand your needs or preferences. We then prioritise suggestions based on things such as impact, achievability, and alignment with our vision and goals. We also consider the resources required to make your suggestions a reality.

We then move these into our roadmap and tackle them as appropriate.

Check our social media channels and announcements on the platform for the arrival of your favourite assets and requested features.

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