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Explore assets by category

Discover assets faster by filtering the assets listed on Swyftx by category. Easily explore asset groupings based on technologies, utility and themes within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Assets can belong to multiple categories. Select a category to see a pre-filtered asset list related to the topic of your choice.

  • App

    • Select coin new.svg Assets from the toolbar and filter by Category, where you'll also see the number of assets in each category.
    • View category tags when viewing individual assets. Select the category tag to find all other assets in that category.
  • Web

    • Expand the side menu and select coin new.svg Asset List.
    • Select Categories to view the category list and see a snapshot of all categories on Swyftx, what they are, and how they're performing within the market.
    • Click into any category to learn more about how the assets within are performing.
    • Explore a single category page to find out what topics it relates to, the assets it contains, and any relevant news.

To get the most from Swyftx Categories, we recommend checking it out on our web platform rather than the app.



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