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Download a current company extract

If you're setting up a company account or your trust or SMSF has a corporate trustee, you must submit a current company extract. This process is different for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Once you have a copy of the current company extract, you can upload it to your application as described in our step-by-step articles:

Australian customers: Download a current company extract from ASIC

  1. Go to the ASIC website.
  2. Search for your company by using the 'Organisations & Business Names' field to enter the name of your company.
  3. Select your company from the list. Once you've identified your company, click on it in the 'Name' Column to proceed.
  4. Select Current Company Information. Once the item is selected, proceed to the bottom of the page, and add it to your cart.
    New ASIC company extractt.png
  5. Complete the checkout process. The email will be sent to your nominated email address within minutes.

New Zealand customers: Download a current company extract from the New Zealand Companies Register 

  1. Go to the New Zealand Companies Register website.
  2. Search your organisation either via the company name, number, or NZBN.
  3. Once you have searched for your organisation, click the 'Company Extract' button.
  4. Select the 'View Document' option to open the extract in PDF form and save the document to your device.

Example of a company extract:


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