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Update the Swyftx app or web platform

There are two options for updating the Swyftx app on your iPhone or Android device.

You can either update through the Swyftx platform or visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to get the latest version.

Some apps require new permissions when they are updated. You may see a notification asking if you accept the new permissions, and in some cases, you may need to restart your device to update an app.

Update through the Swyftx platform

  • App

    1. Expand the left-side menu and select About Swyftx.
    2. Select Check for update at the bottom of the menu beside App Version.
  • Web

    1. Select your circled initial in the top right corner of the dashboard and select setting.svg Account settings.
    2. Select Personalisation in the profile menu, then select Check for updates.
    3. Your page will refresh and update to the latest version if required.

Update through the App Store or Google Play Store

  • iOS

    1. Open the App Store and select your profile icon at the top of the screen.
    2. Scroll down to see any pending updates and release notes.
    3. Select Update next to the Swyftx app to update only that app, or select Update All to update all your eligible apps.
  • Android

    1. Open the Google Play Store app.
    2. Select the menu button and then My apps & games.
    3. Apps with an update available are labelled Update, or you can search for Swyftx.
    4. Select Update.

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