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Manage your orders

To view all completed, open/pending, and cancelled/failed orders, go to your Transactions. Here you can see detailed information about your current and past orders, including:

  • order type
  • quantity of an ordered asset
  • the exchange rate at the time of sale
  • total transaction price
  • fees
  • status of the order

You can also view all your previous orders and account history if you download a transaction report.

View all orders or cancel an order

  • App

    1. From the toolbar, select transactions new.svg Transactions.
    2. To view open orders only, select the Status filter and unselect Completed and Failed / Cancelled.
    3. To cancel an order: Select the order you wish to cancel, then select Cancel order.
  • Web

    1. To view your order history, go to new clock web transactions.svg Transactions in the side menu.
    2. To view open orders only, select the Status filter, then select Open.
    3. To cancel an order: Select the three dots, then select Cancel order.

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