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Network fees

Withdrawals or transfers of crypto incur a 'network' or 'mining' fee. These fees are charged by wallet handlers who facilitate crypto transfers across the network.

Swyftx does not charge a fee in addition to the wallet handler’s fee but will deduct the fee from the asset you are sending to pay the wallet handler.

You can find out how much the network fee will be on the withdrawal page of the asset that you are looking to withdraw.

It differs from currency to currency as the fee depends on the particular network used.

Network fees may also change from time to time as some transaction fees are not set and may depend on the following:

  • size of the withdrawal 
  • congestion on the network at the time
  • network being used.

Wondering about fees for a specific asset or network?

Check out Network Withdrawal Fees for a fee breakdown of each asset we list and their available transfer networks.

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