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Base currency

To perform trades, you must ensure your base asset matches the cash balance in your account. Otherwise, you'll need to change your base currency.

You can buy assets with Australian dollars, US dollars, New Zealand dollars, or Bitcoin.

Your cash deposits will arrive in Australian or New Zealand dollars unless you deposit by card; in that case, the funds will arrive in US dollars.

How to change your base currency

  • App

    1. Expand the side menu and select currency new.svg Currency.
    2. From the dropdown menu, select the currency you wish to trade and view pricing in.
  • Web

    1. Select your circled initial in the top right corner of the dashboard and select setting.svg Account settings.
    2. Select Personalisation in the profile menu.
    3. Under Platform data, in the Currency section, select the currency you wish to trade and view pricing from the drop-down menu.

How do I exchange Australian or New Zealand dollars for US dollars?

Execute an instant order as you would for any other asset on the platform to exchange your base currency (AUD or NZD) for US dollars. You cannot withdraw US dollars.

You will incur an exchange rate and fee when exchanging between base currencies.

Why not just use Australian or New Zealand dollars?

As cryptocurrency is often traded against (pegged) to the US dollar, you are exposed to better spreads when trading with US dollars. However, this comes at the expense of being exposed to currency exchange rate fluctuation.

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