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Generate a transaction report

The transaction report provides a detailed breakdown of your order history, trade values, deposits and withdrawals, including the Australian dollar equivalent values of the trades made on the platform.

For definitions of the terms used within the transaction report, read Understanding the transaction report.

How to generate a transaction report

  • App

    1. From the Menu, go to profile.svg Profile.
    2. Select transaction_reports.svg Transaction reports.
    3. Choose your date ranges.
    4. Select Download .pdf or Download .csv to download your reports in your preferred format.
  • Web

    1. Click on your initials in the top menu bar, select profile.svg Profile, then Transaction Reports.
    2. Choose your date ranges.
    3. Select Download CSV or Download PDF to download your reports in your preferred format.

For more information about crypto and tax, visit our Crypto Tax Australia Guide blog post, or use our Crypto Tax Calculator.

If you’re looking for an invoice that shows the breakdown of one individual transaction, visit Download recipient-created tax invoice (RCTI).

Transaction report vs tax report

Unfortunately, we don't do "tax reports" anymore and only do transaction reports now.

Tax reports did not clearly describe the data shown because many users withdraw funds to other exchanges or investment projects. These transactions can affect tax calculation, so we cannot complete these on behalf of the user.

We cannot know how much gain or loss is made once funds leave Swyftx, which is why we provide a Swyftx-specific transaction report instead.

Understanding the transaction report

Explore these definitions of terms used throughout the transaction report.

  • Definitions


    The amount of the asset. For example:

    • Buy: The amount to receive after fees
    • Sell: The amount to sell
    • Deposit: The amount deposited
    • Withdraw: The amount withdrawn


    The asset the event is affecting. For example, selling TRX.

    AUD Value

    The value of the trade in AUD at the mid-rate.


    The currency the event is based on. For example, selling TRX for USD.


    The date of the event in your local time.

    Deposited To

    The address where the asset was deposited.


    Buy, sell, deposit and withdraw events. For example, buying TRX.

    Ex. GST

    The value of the fee in Australian dollars, excluding GST.

    Fee Amount

    The fee deducted from the transaction.

    Fee Asset

    The fee amount is denominated in this asset. The fee is deducted from the received asset.

    Fee AUD Value

    The value of the fee in Australian Dollars.


    The goods and service tax (GST) is included in the fee.


    The rate of the transaction. For example, sell at a rate of 0.000102 USD per BTC.


    The information attached to a deposit or withdrawal. It can include BSB for AUD deposits and memos for crypto deposits.


    Refers to any Earn payouts received during the period that you had your assets enrolled into the program. Earn rewards may be subject to income tax, and any disposal may be subject to capital gains tax.


    The time of the event in your local time.

    Transaction ID

    The code to identify a transaction. You can use this to verify with your Bank or Blockchain that Swyftx has received or sent funds correctly.


    Our in-house identification code to identify your transaction.


    The amount of currency provided. For example, selling 1 BTC for 9778 USD.

    Withdrawal Fee

    The 'mining' or 'network fees' charged to facilitate the asset withdrawal and send it across. For example, there is a 0.0004 BTC mining fee for BTC withdrawals.

    Withdrawn To

    The address where the asset was withdrawn.


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