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Fees for deposits and withdrawals

It's important to understand the different types of fees involved in depositing and withdrawing funds from your Swyftx account.

If you're interested in learning about trade fees, you can find detailed information in our help article Our trading fees.  To see how we compare with other exchanges, check out fees.

Deposits in Australian dollars

We don't charge fees for bank transfers or PayID deposits in Australian dollars. 

For card deposits in Australian dollars, a 1.99% fee is deducted from your deposit amount. For example, if you deposit $100, you will be credited $98.01.

Your bank may also charge fees.

Deposits in New Zealand dollars 

For New Zealand dollar card deposits, Banxa, our third-party payment provider, currently charges a 3.6% fee and up to a 4% spread.

Your bank may also charge fees.

Withdrawals in Australian and New Zealand dollars

We don't charge any fees for Australian dollar withdrawals.

New Zealand dollar withdrawals incur a fee of $10 (in New Zealand dollars).

If funds are withdrawn to the wrong bank account, a dishonour fee of up to $40 may be charged. This fee is paid to us and our payment provider.

Your bank may also charge fees.

Crypto withdrawals

When you withdraw or transfer crypto, you will be charged a fee known as a "network" or "mining" fee. The wallet handler charges this fee to facilitate crypto transfer across the network.

The fee is deducted from the crypto asset you are withdrawing to pay the wallet handler.

Swyftx doesn't charge an extra fee on top of the wallet handler's fee.

Read more about Network withdrawal fees.


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