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Password requirements and management

Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters in length and must contain at least 3 of the following:

  • Lowercase letters (a to z)
  • Uppercase letters (A to Z)
  • Numbers
  • Special characters (for example !@#$%^&*).

We also check your password against a list of common passwords to reduce the chance of your password being guessed.

If you'd like to learn more about creating a secure password, read our Swyftx Learn article Creating a Secure Crypto Password.

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Creating a Secure Crypto Password
7 minutes

Password management

Swyftx uses industry-leading Auth0 to handle passwords, sessions, and two-factor authentication (2FA) of its user's accounts.

Auth0 is highly regarded for its security and specialises in managing and securing user accounts.

If you'd like more information about account security, read Swyftx safety and security and Spotting scams.

Security tip
Security tip

Equip yourself to better protect your account by learning how to set up two-factor authentication and how to change your Swyftx password.

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