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Price alerts

Use our price alerts to automatically receive a mobile notification and email alerting you when your selected asset reaches a price point you set.

After a price alert is triggered, it will disappear from the active list. To see your previous price alerts, select the Triggered tab in the Price alerts section for that asset.

You can set price alerts against different currencies by changing your default platform currency. This means you can pair the asset against AUD, NZD, USD, or BTC, depending on which base currency you're trading in.

How to set up a price alert

  • App

    1. Select buy.svg Assets from the bottom toolbar, then select the asset you want to monitor.
    2. Select price_alerts.svg Price alerts, then Add new alert.
    3. Enter an alert price, select the tick to confirm, then select Create
  • Web

    1. Expand the side menu and select buy.svg Asset List.
    2. Search for and select the asset you want to monitor.
    3. Select price_alerts.svg Alert next to the Buy button, then select Create alert.
    4. Enter an alert price or choose a percentage change amount, then select Add.
    5. When you have added all the alert prices you want, select Create alert.

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