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Swyftx order types

There are three main order types available to use on Swyftx.

Instant orders

Instant orders, or market orders, execute immediately after you place them.

The easiest way to buy and sell crypto is with our Quick Buy feature. Quick Buy simplifies buying and selling crypto with Australian dollars. Read more at Buying crypto.

On our app, find isFilled=No.svg Quick buy on your dashboard, the isFilled=No (4).svg Quick actions menu, asset pages and wallet pages.

On our web platform, find isFilled=No.svg Quick Buy in the left-side menu or at the top of each asset page.

On trigger orders

An on trigger order, also known as a stop, limit, or take profit order, will execute when the trigger price you set is reached.

If an order is triggered and the available balance isn't in your account, the order will fail, and you will need to recreate it.

If the price of an asset momentarily drops to your specific trigger price, but the on trigger order doesn't execute, there is likely insufficient liquidity to fill the order.

On trigger orders execute as instant orders when trigger conditions are met and are subject to slippage pending market liquidity and volatility.

To find out how to use trigger orders to help reach your profit goals or to help minimise your losses, visit our help article Set take profit and stop loss orders.

Auto invest (Recurring orders)

A recurring order allows you to deposit money automatically and buy crypto all at once, as often as you like.

The minimum spend for a recurring order on Swyftx is $30.

General order information

  • Swyftx allows you to specify if you want to purchase an exact amount of an asset or spend an exact amount of the selected base currency.
  • All orders placed by Swyftx, regardless of the type, are filled as market orders. This means we cannot guarantee how much to buy and spend; you must pick one or the other. We calculate the estimates in real-time based on the size of your order, so they will be as close as possible.
  • Swyftx does not offer leverage trading or OCO (order-cancels-order) orders.

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